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Health services that put you on the road to wellness

Video Gait AnalysisVideo Gait Analysis

Digital video offers an effective and easy way to visualize your body mechanics. You run on a treadmill while being videotaped and the results of the analysis are reviewed with you in both real-time and slow motion. Gait Analysis includes recommendations for types of shoes and other methods for improving your running efficiency. Nothing could be easier.

Golf Swing Video AnalysisGolf Swing Video Analysis

Like Gait Analysis for runners, this is an effective and easy way for occasional and serious golfers alike to visualize their body mechanics during the golf swing. You will be videotaped while swinging and the results of the analysis are reviewed with you in both real-time and slow motion. Recommendations for changes and exercises are given.

Posture ScreeningPosture Screening

Spinal Screening involves a brief questionnaire, range of motion and postural evaluation. This simple screening technique helps identify problem areas of muscle imbalances and joint dysfunction. Your weight distribution from left to right will be taken on a bilateral scale and correlated with an observational analysis from a posterior and lateral view to identify muscle imbalances in the spine and pelvis. Your picture will be taken from the back and the side.

This evaluation helps identify persistent faulty postural asymmetries and compensations, as well as possibility of leg length discrepancies, which are detrimental to human performance and are the cause of muscle tightness, joint pain and stiffness. Recommendations for correction are given.

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